We produce fabrics for clothing and technical applications

Textiles for the clothing industry, fashion and sport

  • FUNCTIONAL WEAR for the highest demands and a broad range of purposes, which regulates the body temperature, is skin-friendly, audited several times, and certified
  • WORKWEAR and PROFESSIONAL WORKWEAR, high-performance textiles for nearly every purpose
  • UNDERGARMENTS AND NIGHTWEAR, light or luxurious qualities, based on cotton, Micromodal, Tencel, or containing silk and cashmere
  • SHAPEWEAR AND FREE CUT , highest wear comfortand perfect visual appearance without seams standing out, reduction of making-up time,
  • JERSEY FABRICS FOR WOMEN´S APPAREL, MEN´S OUTER CLOTHING AND CHILDREN´S CLOTHING, basic qualities or customer specific developments for the most diverse styles,
  • ORGANIC COTTON, based on single, rib or Interlock, skin-friendly, sustainable, and available in all colours, certified according to GOTS

Textiles and fabrics for technical applications

  • Automotive Interier automobile trimming textiles for the highest technological requirements.
  • Backing laminates = base fabrics for a variety of processes for laminating films, foams, textiles or other surfaces
  • High-elasticity raw materials processed using a special bonding technology. This produces high-elasticity technical hoses in various diameters for robot-assisted production.
  • Coating substrates – base fabrics for coatings, e.g. imitation leather, films or other surfaces
  • Special high-absorbency cleaning cloths, reusable (industrial washing), customer-specific formats. Ideal for use in paint lines, body-in-white and engine assembly lines and final polishing.
  • Construction textiles
  • Fabrics for medical engineering
  • Welding Protection, offers comprehensive protection and guarantees the maximum safety. Protective covers for welding robots, foundry robots, feed and discharge lines, welding protection for clothing.