Knits are trumps

The Feinjersey Group is a globally active network of textile firms supplying the key players of the textile industry. No comparable company in Europe has a value chain like ours, extending from the yarn right through to the finished product. As a fully integrated production company, we guarantee scrupulous care at every stage of our processes, from yarn processing through knitting, finishing and dyeing, through to shipping. With a workforce of approx. 250 and total sales of 45 million euros, we are ideally equipped for the textile market of the future.

One-stop service

  • We develop and manufacture all our products under one roof
  • We offer expertise and quality
  • We use state-of-the-art production technology
  • We offer our customers complete solutions
  • We have our own research and development laboratories
  • We have an optimal logistics system and short chains of command
  • Our products are made in Austria / Europe

Quality and service from a single source

No other company in Europe unites all these innovations and technologies under one roof.