By using dyes, chemicals as well as modern technologies, we commit ourselves to contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts in the textile supply chain. We check this by measuring emissions continuously.

We recover heat from waste heat out of the air and water in our production, and we use our own photovoltaic system: Thus, we have set ourselves the goal to reduce our energy consumption and thus CO² emissions or at least to keep them as low as possible.

For all of the employees in our companies, it is self-evident that we have a respective system to collect and separate the generated waste with the aim of recovering materials and energy. This is a clear pledge to waste reduction.

When finishing our textiles, we use groundwater to relieve the public water-pipe system. By continuously optimizing our procedures and using watersaving technologies in our modern production facilities, we are able to keep the wastewater volume as low as possible or to even reduce it.

In the case of building projects we consider the respective insulations, and we choose the most modern production facilities and machines. Thus, we manage to keep the noise disturbance at an acceptable and admissible level for both neighbours and employees. We strictly comply with the legal requirements and fulfil all criteria of content completely and on time.