Code of Conduct

The owners of the Feinjersey Group introduced a clearly defined code of conduct, which all employees, trainees, executives, and board members of the Feinjersey Group are committed to comply with.
Obviously, we also expect our business partners to follow our code of conduct.

We commit ourselves to the observation and implementation of the valid laws and regulations in the countries relevant to our business activities.

All employees have a right to fairness, politeness, and respect. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated, neither are discriminations of any kind or at any time on grounds of disabilities, age, sexual orientation, skin colour, or religion. We completely forego business relations with companies that do not clearly renounce child labour, human trafficking, and forced labour. Additionally, all employees are free to get actively involved in legally recognized interest groups for employee representation. Our management principles, that we all have drafted and determined together, are the clear guideline that determines how we deal with each other.

To fulfil all operational requirements completely, we use common communication facilities, such as the Internet, intranet, e-mail, as well as various customer and supplier portals. There are internal requirements and provisions for private use. This also applies to dealing with personal data or relevant business data. A respective provison considering legal requirements is specified within the Feinjersey Group.

Our environment is very important to us; we use the required resources as carefully and economically as possible. We continuously check that our production processes, as well as our products, meet the requirements regarding sustainability, and obviously also the interests of our customers regarding health and safety. We consider it self-evident that all environmental requirements are complied with. Further details regarding the topic “environment” are specified on our homepage.

We comply with the valid laws such as the prohibition of cartels and the restriction of competition in the markets in which we operate. Unfair advantages towards customers, suppliers, and competitors correspond in no way to our philosophy, and thus we do not support them. This is why we take a clear stand against corruption or bribery. In their dealings with business partners, our employees are forbidden to offer benefits or to accept them when they compromise an objective and fair business decision or at least could appear to do so. This excludes, however, invitations to usual, appropriate business meals or small gifts for customer care.

Management Board Feinjersey Group

Günter Schneider, CEO             Martin Beck, CFO